Investigation on Chemical, Physical and Biological Assets of a Pioneering biomolecule: (2e)-3-(4-Hydroxy-3-Ethoxyphenyl)-1-(4-Hydroxyphenyl) Prop-2-En-1-One

R. Vasanthi, D. Reuben Jonathan, S. Sathya, B. K. Revathi, G. Usha

Page: 19-34
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Nitrogen-phosphate Fertilizers Based on Activation of Phosphorite Powder with Partially Ammoniated Mix of Phosphoric and Sulphuric Acids

A. A. Rasulov, Sh. S. Namazov, B. E. Sultonov

Page: 1-10
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Screening of Alpha Amylase Inhibitory Activity and Antioxidant Activity of Selected Sri Lankan Medicinal Plants and Development of Herbal Tea

A. G. A. W. Alakolanga, J. F. Usna, K. G. B. A. Samarasinghe

Page: 11-18
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Synthesis, Biological Evaluation and Docking Study of Etodolac-Triazole Conjugate

Papigani Neeraja, Suryapeta Srinivas, Venkanna Banothu, Khagga Mukkanti, Pramod Kumar Dubey, Sarbani Pal

Page: 35-51
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Chemical Properties, Microbial Biomass and Enzyme Dynamics of Post-Harvest Soil on Transplanted Rice with Effect of Organic Amendments

R. Ajaykumar, N. Thavaprakaash

Page: 52-60
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