The Equation for Rise in Superheat by Adding Electrolyte

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John H. Jennings


For many liquids, the limit of superheat is 0.89 Tc, where Tc = temperature Kelvin at critical point.  The rise in the limit of superheat by addition of polymer has a formula, B’, derived by Jennings, and this paper makes use of a pattern to predict the formula for rise in superheat by adding electrolyte, B. The equations for boiling point elevation by addition of electrolyte, A, and polymer, A’, are known, so we make use of a proportion and solve for the unknown, B, thus: B= (A/A’) x B’ to get the equation.

A, A’ and B’ all have the phase change temperature squared at 1 atmosphere pressure in the numerator times the ratio of the molecular weight solvent divided by the product of the density of solvent times molecular weight solute in the expression that equals lim c--->0 (dT/dc) giving the limiting slope of rise in temperature versus concentration solute.  The van’t Hoff factor is included.  The proposed formula B for RISE IN SUPERHEAT BY ADDITION OF ELECTROLYTE is:


lim c--->0 (dT/dc)s, electrolyte = (3 k MW1 Ts 2i) / (ρ1  σ1 a MW2(e)). 


Homogeneous nucleation, boiling point elevation, limit of superheat, polymer solution, electrolyte solution.

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Jennings, J. H. (2020). The Equation for Rise in Superheat by Adding Electrolyte. Chemical Science International Journal, 29(6), 19-21.
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