Classical Nucleation and Lattice Model Unite

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John H. Jennings


Classical nucleation theory predicts the limit of superheat of liquids quite well. To come up with an equation for the limit of superheat of polymer solutions, the lattice model for polymer solutions was used to give the surface tension of polymer solutions. A formula for bubble nucleation in polymer solutions was derived by Jennings with the precursor equation dlnA/dK=1/(6K) where J=AexpK gives the nucleation rate for liquids. The aim of this paper was to show that the precursor equation holds for monomer in the polystyrene-cyclohexane system. Thus, the precursor equation is true for all molecular weight polymer. This happens because the surface tension of polystyrene is significantly more than cyclohexane and the influence of the surface tension dominates.

Polymer solutions, classical nucleation theory, surface tension, limit of superheat, lattice model.

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Jennings, J. H. (2020). Classical Nucleation and Lattice Model Unite. Chemical Science International Journal, 29(4), 32-36.
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