Physico-chemical Characteristics of Ground Water Quality in District Satna (M.P.)

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Asheesh Kumar
Sachin Bhatt


The problem of ground water pollution in several parts of the country has become so acute that unless urgent steps for detailed identification and abatement are taken, extensive ground water resources may be damaged. The quality of ground water depends on a large number of individual hydrological, physical, chemical and biological factors. Generally higher proportions of dissolved constituents are found in ground water than in surface water because of greater interaction of ground water with various materials in geologic strata. The work done on ground water of Satna District covering various inorganic non metallic constituents covered are pH, TS, TDS, TSS, TH, DO, BOD, COD, Alkinity, Conductivity.

Contamination physical and chemical properties, inorganic, non-metallic constituent, ground water quality.

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Kumar, A., & Bhatt, S. (2020). Physico-chemical Characteristics of Ground Water Quality in District Satna (M.P.). Chemical Science International Journal, 29(3), 24-39.
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